Anthea Ramsay

Anthea Ramsay

The Forgotten Pioneer

Anthea Ramsay was inspired to write her grandparents' story after being left their diaries, photographs and letters which described the terrible dangers and hardships they endured in the 1900s. The Forgotten Pioneer records their experiences as early pioneers, followed by the lives of their children, Anthea's parents, and the life of the author herself.


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The Forgotten Pioneer Nairobi 1912

My Huguenot Family-coming soon

Anthea is now writing about her Huguenot family who escaped to England, in harrowing circumstances, after the Revocation of the Treaty of Nantes in 1685. They were forced to leave all their belongings, properties and businesses behind.


Her family had lived in Rouen since the 13th century, working as plasterers and later becoming goldsmiths and rich merchants.They owned beautiful properties close to the Notre Dame Cathedral, one of which still stands today. Anthea's great-great-great grandfather returned to the courts of Rouen nearly 130 years later to, unsuccessfully, attempt to reclaim some of the properties which their family had been forced to abandon. It is thanks to him that Anthea has so much information about the horrific way, they, and other Huguenots were treated.

Nairobi 1912